Edgewood Farm Organics CSA Newsletter - Gardeneers CAMP!

Happy Summertime Everyone!

I hope the seasonal varieties are satisfying the taste buds and meal time adventures are expanding! The Edgewood crew experienced an adventure of a life time, and it all happened in three, eye-opening, inspirational days! We had the pleasure of hosting a group from Chicago, The Gardeneers, on the farm for an educational experience that will be cherished forever.

"Gardeneers are dedicated leaders who sustain school gardens — and empower students to enrich their knowledge of nutrition, connect with their community and become stewards of the environment."  

More info at http://www.gardeneers.org/  

The schedule was full of fun and learning, here’s a glance at each day:

Day 1:

  • Urban vs. Rural Agriculture
  • Conventional vs. Organic Agriculture
  • Greenhouse: Learning the process and importance of starting seeds in a greenhouse
  • Free time: swimming in the farm pond, a first time experience for most of the campers
  • Group Dinner: everyone, adults and campers helped make the farm fresh meal happen

Day 2:

  • Cheese and Bread Making Sessions at Flour House Bakery!
  • Global Food Crisis: Food! Discussion addressing food insecurity and equality
  • Organic Farming Production: Succession plant planning, crop rotation, etc.
  • Work in CSA field with Katy
  • Farm Ecosystem Discussion and Scavenger Hunt with Farmer Paul
  • Group BBQ, once again, a collective effort to create the meal!

Day 3:

  • Learning about Chickens and Bees!
  • Farm fresh breakfast!
  • CSA session:  Why it’s important to know your farmer!
  • CSA production:  Harvesting and packing the boxes
  • Closing session: Student reflections on The Life of a Farmer and the Experience at Edgewood

I could go on and on about my perspective of the camp, like I stated before it was absolutely life-enhancing. What is most important, I believe, is to share the experience from the Gardeneers perspective. Here is what the “campers” had to say as they reflected on their time at Edgewood.

When telling your friends about the farm experience, what new knowledge will you share with them?!

“Try new things!”

“Experience a farm before forming an idea or opinion about it!”

“Farming = a lot of time, commitment and isolation!”

“Farming = lots of work but also lots of benefits come from the effort and sacrifice.”

“Now we have a better understanding of what it takes to get Organic food into grocery stores!”

“The higher price of Organic food makes more sense after we experienced the process first hand.”

What surprised you the most?

“The potato process, learning that the little eyes become the sprouts and each seed potato planted can produce many potatoes from it!”

“I love the barn house and the Eco house!”

“I never knew people could get married in a barn. That’s really cool!”

“It was surprising how easy it was to make friends with other campers while we were on the farm.”

“Swimming in the pond was awesome!”

“I can’t believe that most of the corn and soybeans grown around here we can’t even eat!”

“I find it surprising that there are still really nice people in the world, like the Edgewood crew, willing to

share their land and time with us.”

What is one thing you will take away from this experience?

“The knowledge”

“The games- Ghost in the graveyard on the farm!”

“The amount of respect and trust people have.”

“Always be welcoming to others.”

“New skills.”

“Appreciate where your Organic food comes from.”

“The silence.”

These reflections are real and powerful. The teenagers apart of this inaugural education camp taught us invaluable life lessons, and for that I am eternally grateful. Despite the inequality they may face in their lives, they work hard, learn eagerly, and accomplish more than any teenagers I have ever met. They are the positive light in our future; I am confident that each and every one of them will conquer amazing feats in their time. Hopefully I will have the pleasure of employing some of them at Edgewood Farm Collective in days to come! “We are all in this together!” We all need to live that statement and consequently future generations will thrive and equality will grow.

Thank you for encouraging small-scale, Organic farming and specifically Community Supported Agriculture. I hope everyone will be able to make it to the Summer Hoedown; I want to express my gratitude by providing a fun farm-filled afternoon.

*Email me to confirm attendance at the Summer Hoedown, August 13th!  Feel free to email any specific questions or concerns about the event.

*Please collapse boxes when dropping them off, and I will always take plastic zip loc bags back for personal use.

* Always wash your CSA produce before eating. Although they are rinsed they still need to be washed before indulging.

In the box on July 14, 2016:

Potatoes – Austrian Crescent Fingerlings, German Butterballs

Cabbage – small and delicious!

Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash

Cucumbers – Suyo longs are the crazy, long variety and one of my faves!




“Grow, inspire, repeat.”

With kindness,

Edgewood Farm Organics