Edgewood Farm Organics CSA Newsletter

Written Aug. 31st, 2016

Greetings from Edgewood!

The weather is wet.  When it’s not actually raining, the intense humidity provides the effect of soaking wet rain.  This past week we’ve been in a cycle of exactly that, when the clouds are around it feels cool and refreshing and then WAM, the sun breaks through and the steamy blanket of heat wraps around us. The rain came down hard the past few days and with that flooding rivers and creeks, kayaking is not an option right now!  Looking ahead it looks like the holiday weekend will be full of sunshine….yeehaw!

In the field it’s been strategic timing to get in there and till beds in order to seed radishes and spinach. On Monday I found a break in the weather when the soil was dry enough to get in there and seed.  There’s been excessive rain, heat and sunshine so hopefully the seeds will germinate quickly.  There are a couple new varieties of radishes that I’m excited to try this fall, including an Easter Egg mix, with multiple colors and Champion variety, which will be orange.  The spinach should do well too as the temperatures begin to coolOver my veggie loving years I’ve tried many varieties of greens but fresh Organic spinach remains my absolute favorite.  Spinach salads to come, get excited comrades!

In the greenhouse the kale and late brassicas are germinating and if all goes well we will have a delicious crop to enjoy for our last couple deliveries.  Other than that the greenhouse is preparing for hibernation.  In fact, we are planning to double the size of the greenhouse for next year by extending a similar structure right off the existing one.  Doubling the CSA program = doubling the amount of space needed.

As for the lil’ Russians they rocked the Bureau County Fair last week. Thrilling rides, mud splashing demolition derbies, lemon freezes and an overall lack of sleep and excessive fun sums up the experience.  They created the term “fair-hangover!”  Back to school now they are discussing with their classmates their fair adventures, as the County fair is the most popular event around here.

Dove hunting opens on Thursday and Joe will partake in that, while Timmy will happily build Legos and indulge in Star Wars.  By the way, Timmy completed a 458 piece Star Wars Lego Ship in less than a week.  He worked on it after his school commitments were through each day, and then by Friday it was completed and I’ve never seen an 8 year old so proud.

*Next week Susan the baker/hummus creator will have classic hummus available as well as a black bean and garlic hummus.  Both recipes will use fresh OG garlic from Edgewood so I’m sure it will be amazing!

*There will be extra green Italian peppers for anyone that wants more, there will be two in each box.

*If anyone is interested in the last of the tomatoes of the season, I can sell them for an extremely low member price.  Email me if interested.  I don’t want to be the only one making sauce for the winter, and will include a winning tomato sauce recipe with purchase.


What to expect in the box on August 31, 2016

Swiss Chard

Peppers - One yellow bell each, plus other bells and Italian varieties in each box

Patty Pan – I’m not tired of these sweet squashes yet, hope everyone agrees!

Eggplant - from Plow Creek Farm

Jalapeno – one per box and they’re extremely hot

Dill – the entire plant, beautiful and useful!  It will be on counter for those at campus.

*As always, we recommend washing the produce before indulging.

There are both repeat and fresh goodies in this box!  Eat well and embrace the holiday weekend, maybe new friends will be made while these veggies are cooking over the grill…fresh organic veggies can win hearts, this I know!  Add some fresh goat cheese and local organic meat and those new friends are sure to stick around.  Happy Labor Day everyone!


“Grow, inspire, repeat.”


With kindness,

Edgewood Farm Organics