Edgewood Farm Organics Newsletter

Happy Delivery Day!

First of all, thank you to everyone that made the journey out on Saturday.  The weather was amazing and the food wasn’t burnt so it was a total success!  Edgewood CSA members are above and beyond and I know that many other CSA growers yearn for this type of experience.  Next year we hope to announce the Hoedown date at the beginning of the season to allow more folks to attend.

In the field the tomatoes are slowing way down, the classic Red “Better Boys” are continuing on but the heirlooms are surrendering to the elements.  I’m sure this does not produce too many sad faces after the large amounts of tomatoes that were delivered in July.  Winter Squash are possibly facing downy mildew, a severe threat to the plants life.  Large scale pumpkin and winter squash growers have been warned about this spreading problem and they will have to take immediate effective action or face a huge crop loss in a very small amount of time.  On a brighter note, I am seeding many unique varieties of radishes, turnips and greens in the field in order to broaden our veggie adventures over the next couple of months.

In the greenhouse I am once again seeding fall kale, chard, and broccoli and hoping they will mature quick and strong to help create bounty for us towards the end of the season.  I’m attempting to grow green onions and several other short-season crops, these are varieties that mature within 30-60 days! 

*Please pass on any veggie suggestions for the fall.  If they are quick growing varieties than I will do my best to plant the seed and deliver the crop this fall.

As for the lil’ Russians, Timmy turned 8 years old on Monday, (reminder, these are not my children but my brothersJ). School has begun and we are wishing for passionate, patient teachers for both of them!  Every child deserves a teacher that cares and will go the extra-lengths to provide a meaningful experience for them.  I will holster my other requests for the educational system as this is a farm newsletter.

We have 11 deliveries left for the year!  I am striving to provide an excellent finale and crave input from everyone.  I was able to visit with some members on Saturday and inquire about their personal opinion on this year’s CSA.  For those folks that I was unable to reach please email feedback anytime!  I learned how to handle “constructive criticism” in 6th grade; my English teacher engraved that ability in me…. unless it’s my Dad delivering it. Haha!

****Next week many folks will be swinging away at the annual golf tourney, the delivery day will be moved up to Wednesday!  Pick up boxes on Wednesday, same spot, same time.

What to expect in the Box on August 18, 2016

Tomatoes – Better Boy Red variety and Fence Row grape tomatoes

Peppers – assortment of bells and Italian peppers

Spicy Salad Mix – when greens are cooked the spice goes away (braising mix)

Red Watermelon – Coneflower Farm, TIskilwa, Illinois

Patty Pans – baby and big patty’s

*Always wash produce before consuming.

*I plan to be at Garden Ave. by 2pm, then Lunt then Campus between 3-3:30pm.


Recipe ideas




*Always use Organic broth if recipes call for it!  That’s what I would recommend……

To all the children out there, bring your teacher a juicy tomato and straight A’s will follow!  Have a great weekend and enjoy all of the fresh organic treats!


“Grow, inspire, repeat.”

With kindness,

Edgewood Farm Organics