Edgewood Farm Organics CSA Newsletter

Happy Delivery Day!

Prepare for a box full of summer excitement; CSA Santa is coming to town! Have no worries, the elves forgot to harvest the yellow squash. Thank you for the responses to the “evite” for the Hoedown, if anyone didn’t receive the invitation please let me know. I apologize for the inconvenient timing for many of our members, this is a significant work in progress and I will narrow down a more appropriate “Hoedown” date in the years to come.

The weather has been quite a wild ride, thanks to El Niño, “Spanish for THE Niño.” (Yep, I just quoted the late great Chris Farley). We all survived the sizzling weekend heat in our own creative ways and now, well it’s still HOT. At least the nights are cooling down for some sweet relief and a weekly dose of intense rainfall has been consistent. I spent the weekend indoors canning many vegetables, and preparing Christmas gifts ahead of time. The German roots within deepened as I prepared my first batch of “traditional” sauerkraut, Christmas Katy Kraut I might call it! My family knows what to expect in December, mason jars filled with goodness.

In the field I am rolling with the punches and celebrating the small stuff. Sounds more cliché than it actually is. The tomatoes are facing a similar issue as last year and are experiencing blight and/or a plant disease. I spoke with a few other farmers in this area and they don’t seem too worried about it so I will follow their lead and bring everyone tomatoes for as long as the plants will give to us. On a healthier note, my favorite summer squash, the glorious patty pans, are almost ready! Grilled Patty’s are on the horizon! Also in the field, the tractor and tiller are ready and willing for the field. Carrots, beets, turnips and winter radishes need to be seeded into freshly worked soil, and soon. Fall Brassicas will be transplanted next week after we dominate the wascally wabbits this weekend, peaceful domination of course.

In the greenhouse the head lettuce is thriving and newly seeded Napa Cabbages germinated very well. I will continue to seed fall brassicas and lettuce to make sure we have a bountiful fall.  As for the lil’ Russians, they are off at Culture Camp exploring their Russian roots and cultures beyond.

Farmer Paul is up North, slaying the summer catch, and that leaves me to secure the roost for a week, accompanied by 12 chickens and 2 Labradors. Just when I thought farming couldn’t get any more secluded! ”Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is ringing true. 

Enough farm jibber-jabber, let’s talk about the special summer delivery coming today! A huge thank you goes out to 3 farmers/growers that helped make this week extra tasty. Paul Fritz (egg delivery guy at campus), and two local Bureau County farms contacted me about veggie surplus available for wholesale price. I jumped on these offerings as they are all items I do not have abundance of myself, and I wanted to break up the cuke and squash monotony! All three growers use only organic methods to grow their produce, although not certified their products are clean and safe. Perhaps this is a future farmer’s co-op in the making. Farmers helping farmers grow……we might be on to something here!

What to expect in the box on July 28, 2016:

Green Bell Pepper

Tomatoes – Garden Ave. and Lunt will have tomatoes pre-packed, Campus will have ‘maters counter

Basil – in boxes for Garden Ave. and Lunt, and on counter for Campus

Green Beans – Paul Fritz, Saint Charles, IL

Sweet Corn: Lazy U Farm, Tiskilwa, IL

Eggplant – 2 varieties, Coneflower Farm, Tiskilwa, IL


Recipe suggestions: Look up these simple ideas to use this week’s items:

Ratatouille - http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/ratatouille-108350

Grilled Corn - http://www.seriouseats.com/2013/07/the-food- lab-three- ways-to- grill-corn.html

Watermelon ideas - http://www.epicurious.com/tools/searchresults?search=yellow+watermelon

*For those that order bakery goods, they will be in the pick-up room with your name on it! Please give Jamie the money today before 2pm. Make checks payable to: Susan-Marie Elemendorf or cash is great too. All items are $2.00 each. Thank you! We will continue to do this and expand weekly options as long as we have folks interested!

* Always wash your CSA produce before eating. Although they are rinsed they still need to be washed before indulging.

*I plan to arrive at Garden Ave. between 2-2:30pm, then Lunt, then Campus between 3-3:30pm.

*Remember to pick the CSA box up or I’m sure others will gladly reap the benefits!

Enjoy a great weekend and wear that watermelon smile proudly!

“Grow, inspire, repeat.”

With kindness,

Edgewood Farm Organics