Edgewood Farm Organics CSA Newsletter - Get well soon Laura!

Happy Delivery Day!

First and foremost, I want to say, “Laura you are an amazing, strong and courageous woman! Keep on pushing through these unexpected forces. You are extremely loved and admired, we are praying for your healing and hoping that you are feeling our love embracing you!” I will continue sending Sue Stout funny pictures that she can share with Laura……and everyone else do their part to show a fellow CSA comrade how much we look out for one another.

Summer is certainly here and the spring weather that we thought was hot doesn’t seem so bad now!  The rain came down quick and hard last week, leaving the field very saturated and the muggy temperatures and lack of wind have done little to dry it out. The extreme heat that is on the near horizon is sure to dry everything and more! Personally I am planning on staying out of the crazy heat this weekend and taking the opportunity to begin canning some veggies for winter storage; a perfect excuse to stay in for a day. If planning on being outside this weekend make sure that it’s time spent in a pool, lake, pond, etc. Otherwise, stay inside and start canning as well! Our grandmothers would approve.

In the field, “Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...I'm hunting wabbits! KILL THE WABBIT, KILL THE WABBIT!!" At least that’s what’s going through my head. This is the first year that “wascally wabbits” have been an issue in the field. The main crops targeted, (now that they ate all the Chard), are the onions and low hanging tomatoes. They munched the tops of the onions and pulled them out of the ground, leaving tiny onions that won’t grow anymore. Timmy, my youngest brother was munching happily on “little baby onions” as we collected them, and I had to remind him often that we need to save them for CSA members! Enjoy the world’s smallest onions in the box this week.

On a brighter note, there are many green tomatoes on the vines, as well as gorgeous bell peppers that are truly weighing down the plants. Each box will find one bell pepper in the box as it was important to harvest some of the peppers that were hitting the ground. With the extreme heat on the way, the fruiting crops will be changing colors soon!

In the greenhouse, thanks to the help from the Gardeneers, there are many trays of head lettuce germinating! More brassicas were just seeded, in hopes of having plenty of kale this fall, and by the time they are ready to be transplanted into the field I will have all the wascally wabbits taken care of…..or at least my electric fence working properly.

The little Russians have been super helpers lately. Timmy is back in the farm game and making sure to taste all of the veggies before we put them in the boxes. He’s our new QC man. He only eats raw veggies, and lots of them, rest assure the veggies that go in the CSA box have been tasted and approved for delivery by Tim Clarke. Joe is the mowing master, whether it’s the little rider mower or the big tractor pulling the huge deck mower behind, he is getting it done. He stops for food breaks and to check on how everyone else is doing, other than that he is getting those grasses maintained! Good luck to Joe this week with the big baseball tournament. Go for the gold Joe!

*”I am creating an “Evite” for the Summer Hoedown to help make it easier on everyone and will send it out by the beginning of next week.

*Please collapse boxes when dropping them off, and I will always take plastic zip loc bags back for personal use.

* Always wash your CSA produce before eating. Although they are rinsed they still need to be washed before indulging.

* I plan to arrive at Garden Ave. between 2-2:30pm, then Lunt, then Campus between 3-3:30pm.

What to expect in the box on July 21, 2016

Kale – kale is still limited but local farmers markets are sure to have more if there isn’t enough in box

Onions - the wabbits harvested these prematurely. Tiny but delicious

Cucumbers - 2-3 varieties

Green Bell Pepper - 1 per box, needed to harvest the low-hanging ones)

Tomato - just a taste of the first, little ripened ones, before the wabbits got to them

Cabbage – possibly one little cabbage head


*FreeBee Box: I know everyone is over the yellow crooknecks, and I am giving you permission to toss what you have left of those to chickens or compost! The newest variety of summer squash I am picking very small and tender. They are so delicious they can be enjoyed raw dipped in (organic)ranch! There are a few in each box but the rest will be at the pick-up location for those who want more.

*There will also be mint and/or basil for people to take if they please. I know that mint is abundant for many but for those that don’t have it readily available there will be some to take home. Dive into adventurous meal with family and friends this weekend, get the grill going, keep the oven off and remember to drink lots of water and other tasty beverages. The heat is on……

“Grow, inspire, repeat.”

With kindness,

Edgewood Farm Organics