Edgewood Farm Organics CSA Newsletter - Z Tour!

Hello CSA comrades!

Summer is here and I know that everyone in the skeeter biz is battling through one of the craziest weeks of the year! All I can say is that Clarke forgot to come out to Edgewood, we are getting chewed alive! Other than forgetting about spraying for us (haha), I hope the week is going smoothly and the light is shining bright at the end of the work tunnel. Independence Day is going to be a blast, regardless of how tired we are!

The hot weather has held strong, although the evenings have been delightful in the 60’s and even down into the 50’s. Tuesday was glorious with scattered clouds and temperatures in the 70’s, I was in absolute heaven. Today the standard mid-80’s came back and the forecast looks like more of that and hotter. I won’t gripe about the heat when there are people in our own country that are trying to survive fire zones and waterless areas. There may be some unappealing aspects to Illinois but we are extremely fortunate when it comes to water access and availability…..and amazing SOIL!

In the field, TLC to the plants is the main focus. This comes in many forms; weeding, fertilizing, trellising, irrigating and of course singing songs to the plants to keep morale high. The tomatoes are flowering and the early varieties are setting fruit which means they need more than just fish emulsion (N). This week I added bat guano and Diatomaceous Earth to the mix to help them produce fruit that will reach peak size, taste and overall appearance. The weeds are thriving, that’s no surprise but what’s really “interesting” is the insect pressure that has evolved quickly and ferociously. Have no fear….I will protect our plants from these villains. On a way more exciting note, all of the beautiful, tasty Garlic will be harvested and will find its way into CSA boxes next week!

In the greenhouse the Lime Basil, fresh kale and head lettuce are ready to be transplanted into the field.  Before the weekend I plan to seed more fall brassicas and winter squash, as well as another round of lettuce, and the greenhouse will once again be filled with plant love.

My little brothers are in full summer swing with baseball games seemingly every night. Joe, the 11 year old went to Wisconsin with Farmer Paul to fish and relax. Apparently it was much needed because he has been working hard all week! I needed him to drive a big tractor and an ATV on several occasions, which might be where the extra enthusiasm came from! Tim, the almost 8 year old, let me know that he is “off duty.” Yesterday he made a few laps around the pathways in the field, ate an apple, asked me a bunch of random questions and then he was out and on his way back to the cool house and comfy couch to watch Star Wars. Yes, I was extremely jealous but he assures me that when I have time he will come over to my house and watch all of the Star Wars movies! Wow I’m a lucky sister!

Attention CSA members: I am eager to have everyone out this summer to the farm! A summer Hoedown is quite necessary after all the support you provide to me. August 13 th is the date in mind and I hope this will work for the majority. Bring your family or bring a friend, there will be a full farm tour, fresh Mexican food, adult and non-adult beverages and all around fun times. There are plenty of awesome places to camp on the farm, either with tents or campers. Tentatively it would be from noon-3pm or 1-4pm (unless camping of course). Look for an invitation attached with next week’s newsletter.

*There is information in each box this week about the Ztour bike ride that takes place in Princeton every July. The tour goes through the scenic farmlands of Bureau County. There is a ride for all ages and abilities. Check out the pamphlet and sign up or simply recycle it! Let’s Ride Bikes!!!!

*I plan to deliver at Garden Ave. between 2- 2:30pm, then Lunt, then Clarke Campus between 3-3:30pm.

* Always wash your CSA produce before eating. Although they are rinsed they still need to be washed before indulging.

*Please collapse boxes when returning them and any ziploc or plastic bags feel free to return as well as I will clean them and reuse them for personal use.

What to expect in the box on June 30th :






For the holiday this recipe is perfect:

http://www.rachaelray.com/recipes/red-white- and-blue- slaw-salad

This recipe includes zucchini and oregano, just add steamed broccoli too:

http://www.culinaryhill.com/pasta-salad- with-zucchini- tomatoes-and- roasted-red- peppers-recipe/

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Keep on persevering through this week and the tasty food, quenching drinks, and loving family and friends will be the reward at the end!

“Grow, inspire, repeat.”

With kindness,

Edgewood Farm Organics