Edgewood Farm Organics C.S.A. Newsletter - MOSA Certification

Happy HOT Spring Everyone!

Have no fear the newsletter is here…..and delicious veggies on the way this afternoon! I apologize for the delay; I am planning to send the newsletter out regularly on Tuesdays. Since the last delivery, the days have been an absolute whirlwind of events. The intense summer weather in early June has brought many challenges; insect pressure and urgency of watering have been a few of the main issues. I have to admit, this is the first spring of my life that early hot temperatures have me stressing!  Back before I became a crazy farmer I would’ve welcomed this! Temperatures are forecasted to reach the upper 90’s on Saturday and there’s no such thing as climate change?! I won’t dive into that conundrum right now; let’s focus on the positive light that greeted us as well.

Throughout the week we climbed our challenges and overcame them one by one, day by day.  Edgewood Farm was gifted in two powerful ways. First of all, this morning it finally rained; steady, straight-down, glorious, quenching rain. I nearly shed tears of joy as I felt those first drops. Many farmers were blessed today, the rain was crucial before the heat wave this weekend.

The second reward was something Farmer Paul and I have been intently focused on receiving for the last three years. Paul is the conservationist and grain farmer at Edgewood; he is also a dear friend to our family and essential to the functionality of the farm. Yesterday is a day we will hold with us forever, as well as the work that led up to it. For the past three years we have passionately worked on transitioning the land from conventional production to clean, safe, organic production. For those of you that are new to this process it takes three years to transition land from conventional to organic. During those three years we can only use non-GMO organic seed, and any input permitted is based on organic standards. We started the process in the winter of 2014, planning for our fields, scouring books, attending conferences, trying to teach ourselves how to be organic farmers. Then the spring of 2014 arrived and we jumped into our beloved fields and never looked back. I could go on and on about this because it’s what gets me out of bed each day, eager and willing to continue my devotion to the soil we are so fortunate to have.

Yesterday our dedication was rewarded and another slice of our Earth’s precious soil was certified organic! After three years of documenting everything we did in the fields, completing all of the exhausting paper work, and overcoming many challenges as beginning farmers, our aspirations were realized. An inspector, from MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association administers organic certifiers), came out to the farm to observe our land and determine it’s fate. The inspector looked over our records extensively and visited each field to confirm that we are in fact farming the land organically. Paul and I were nervous, really nervous, and anxious, and eager towards this important day! By the end of the certification, our souls lightened, and breathing came easier. We began to embrace that we had truly achieved our goal. We successfully transitioned Edgewood soil from years of toxic abuse, to healthy, thriving, certified ORGANIC land. Our confidence is boosted and we are determined to continue evolving as farmers and caretakers of this land!

Thank you for supporting organic farming with Edgewood Farm Organics CSA.  As we say 'round here, "systemic change starts small."  The road to rebuilding healthy food systems will take thousands of little steps.  So thank you, CSA members, for taking those steps with us everyday by supporting safe, clean, fresh local food. 

"Grow, inspire, repeat"

 - Farmer Katy