Edgewood Farm Organics Newsletter - Hello Fall!

Happy Delivery Day!

Our last delivery for the month of September is here and that feels like quite an accomplishment!  I am hoping to finish strong with the last day of CSA on October 27th and I will keep everyone posted if this changes!  For now, enjoy the seasonal flavors while they are abundant.

The weather feels like FALL!  Waking up in the early morning and grabbing a sweatshirt is what I crave and those days are here!  Last week the temperatures stayed around 80 degrees and the nights in the mid 60’s and this week the day temperatures are in the lower 70’s and the nights down in the 50’s and even dipping down into the upper 40’s!  The crisp cool mornings always bring back memories of Montana days, when hoodies and coffee were a daily ritual, almost all year long.  I could go on and on about the satisfaction of crisp, cool weather but I don’t want to jinx a good thing.

In the field I seeded new varieties of radishes and salad mix that will hopefully be ready for the last couple deliveries.  The bell peppers are experiencing a comeback and some are turning colors and are blemish free.  They will certainly make another appearance or two, especially after giving everyone a break from them!  The Brussels Sprouts are getting big and nearing maturity.  I am excited to add those to the boxes in a couple weeks; they were started in the greenhouse in March so it has been exciting to see them develop, regardless of the elements they faced this season.

In preparation for next year we are brainstorming ways we can systemize what needs to be done.  For instance, watering is a necessity, unless it is constantly raining which is a whole other matter.  Much time can be spent turning irrigation on or watering the plants in the greenhouse.  How can we eliminate the time it takes to water?  Drum roll please…..we can use timers!  The use of timers will cut down on our need to drop everything and drive over to the greenhouse and water, or walk to the other end of the field and turn the pump on and remember to turn it off.  All of this is eliminated with the use of timers. 

Additionally we are looking to create systems with the type of equipment we use and how we use it.  Many parts and implements that we use are inexpensive and old.  They were used “back in the day” when many farms were small.  Now folks are getting rid of these parts or quite often they are in piles in the back of garages and Morten buildings.  We want to parallel our field layout with our cultivating and planting equipment.  By creating these types of systems we ideally reduce weed pressure, reduce back pain, and increase our time available to put towards other necessary tasks.


As for the lil’ Russians they are officially in Halloween mode.  Timmy started out wanting to be Luke Skywalker but then Wal-mart brought him to the dark side……Darth Vader it is!  I have my heart set on being R2D2 but will need to get creative to pull that one off.  I really want to be R2D2 so that I can make beeping noises all night as my form of communication.  For those out there that aren’t familiar, R2D2 is a robot in Star Wars that talks in beeping sounds, not words. Maybe this is a sign that I need to get off the farm more or maybe it just means that R2D2 rocks!  Joe found a SWAT uniform, complete with handcuffs.  My mom had to hide the handcuffs so that they wouldn’t accidentally find their way into his school bag.  With Halloween still a month away there is a good chance they will change their costume preference before then, I will keep everyone posted as this evolves J

What to expect in the box on September 29, 2016

Radishes – French Breakfast

Butternut Squash – Plow Creek Farm

Sweet Potatoes – Plow Creek Farm



*As always, we recommend washing produce before indulging.

*I plan to be at Garden Ave. by 1:30pm, then Lunt, then Campus by 3pm.     


Cooking Radishes:


Exciting and “do-able” Butternut Squash recipes


Easy Peasy Roasted Butternut Recipe with Garlic


Enjoy exploring the possibilities that lie within this box.  Soup season is officially here so grab the crock pot and dosey-doe! Do a little kitchen jig in honor of September and recognize the bounty it provided for us.


“Grow, inspire, repeat.”


With kindness,

Edgewood Farm Organics