Edgewood Farm Organics - Last Waltz for 2016 CSA Season

Howdy CSA Comrades!

Our last delivery or shall I say dance, is upon us.  The 2016 CSA season has been an adventure to remember and I look forward to creating more of these “veggie-tales” with everyone in 2017.  The last box of goods will surely have something inside for everyone to enjoy, even those with a sweet tooth.

The weather has shown many colors this past week, with the changing leaves as verification.  Last week we ended the warm stretch with cold temperatures but experienced absolutely perfect fall weather over the weekend.   The beginning of this week the temperatures cooled back down, by Tuesday we were grabbing gloves and long underwear to protect us from the chilly winds.  On Wednesday the forecasted 100% chance of rain came true, accompanied by high winds, and lightning starting before sunrise.  An inch of rain hammered down throughout the morning, putting harvest on hold for many farmers in the area. 

In the field we prepared two beds for garlic planting and hope to drop the seeds (cloves) into the soil on Sunday.  I plan to recruit people attending our Halloween Barn party to come out and help as I’m certain there is no better hangover cure than planting 1000 feet of garlic.  I’m thinking that I will have people sign up for this on Saturday evening when they are feeling “on top of the world,” then gently remind them on Sunday morning that they signed their life away to Edgewood the night before.  Offering bacon and eggs might smooth over the situation.  There is still a week worth of pulling plants and plastic before I am able to seed the Rye cover crop so the invitation to free farm-fit sessions is still open to anyone interested.

In preparation for next year we are actively getting the word out to folks in the Saint Charles area about our 2017 CSA season.  To clarify for all of our Clarke employee members, the price will stay at $500/share, and the location and delivery day will also stay the same.  We will offer 2-3 additional drop-off locations depending on the sign-ups that we receive.  Feel free to email me with questions and pass the information on to friends and family. 

In addition, next year we plan to have a Hoedown either in the summer or fall, as well as offer a few week days for members and their family/friends to visit the farm and play in the dirt.  I had a discussion with Jim’s wife, Erin, a CSA enthusiast.  She works weekends therefore the Saturday farm days will never quite work out.  I realize there are many others in this boat and I want to address that.  We hope to include 2-3 weekday opportunities to broaden the options for our members.  Note that if people come out during the week they will be put to work!  We also plan to determine the Hoedown date much farther in advance to make it easier on everyone to plan accordingly. 

*Note - We are considering a luncheon at Clarke Campus for all CSA members this year with the potential of folks outside of Clarke being able to join for a small fee ($5).  This occasion would allow us all to celebrate the end of the season and reflect and share stories with one another about our perspective of the season.  Stay tuned for an exact date!*


As for the lil’ Russians Halloween is so close they can taste it….and it tastes like Candy Corn and pumpkin seeds!  Joe made a costume change from SWAT to a scary zombie guy and Tim is holding onto the dark side with his Darth Vader attire.  Tim’s focus lately is committed to a farm simulation game on his hand-held screen thing.  He enlightened me yesterday that someday I would get to be a truck driver and haul corn.  Oh boy!  Joe is intently focused on hunting of all kinds, thanks to Farmer Paul and his passion for the “game.”  Last Friday on a no-school day, Joe woke up at 5am to go duck hunting with Paul.  He shot his first wood duck and the next day followed that first with another, as he shot a Goose while on a boat floating down the Illinois River.  Thanks to Paul for being the best role-model and pal a boy like Joe could ever have!

What to expect in the box on October 27th:

Arugula – add to any salad or pasta dish or I like to fry an egg and put it on a bed of arugula!

Radishes – the radishes are at their finest thanks to ideal weather conditions.

Garlic – keep the evil away when life gets spooky, scary….

Honey – Edgewood’s idea of pure, liquid Gold, made by our very happy Bee friends.

Potatoes – thanks to Plow Creek Farm

Kale – Plow Creek Farm


*Please continue to return boxes.  I can come back and pick them up over the next couple of weeks.


*Visit the sign up link and continue spreading the CSA word.  We are trying to use as little paper as possible to promote next year but if sign-ups are low I may develop a pamphlet to distribute.  Let me know any suggestions towards how to encourage folks to get on board, I’m new to this promo-marketing world!

*I’m planning on sending a newsletter once a month throughout the winter season to keep everyone up to date on our farm happenings, and ultimately keep us connected.

*Honey is for sale with a limited supply.  Pints are $15.00.

I could go on and on with the final weekly newsletter of the 2016 season; another growing season was made possible by a simple but necessary commitment among all of us.  The appreciation and empowerment that I personally derive from this collectiveness is unparalleled, I hope that everyone feels my appreciation and also feels equally satisfied as we finish the year.   My promise to everyone is to keep progressing forward into the 2017 season and beyond. 

“Grow, inspire, repeat.”


With kindness and gratitude,

Edgewood Farm Organics