Edgewood Farm Organics CSA Newsletter - Finishing the season strong!

Happy Delivery Day!

I hope everyone was able to get creative with last week’s root box.  The winter radishes and turnips can appear challenging but there are so many delicious directions they can take our mealtimes!  I look forward to hearing about what everyone decided to do with those beastly veggies. A reminder to all, we have two more CSA drop offs, today and next week so keep on eating the freshly harvested produce while it is convenient and available.

The weather has continued to be a treat, pushing wintery thoughts away for a bit longer.  The dew thick in the morning soaks our boots instantly, and then burns off slowly with the eager, summer-like sun.  Tuesday was a scorcher for mid-October standards, followed by cooler temperatures in the 70’s on Wednesday and overcast skies.  Wednesday evening a light rain encompassed us and with the rain came lower temperatures.  An expected high of 60 degrees today is a gentle reminder of the truth of the season that looms in the distance.

In the field Keri and I are feeling as if we qualified for the farm Olympics, going for the gold!    All the plants have been pulled and harvested with the exception of peppers, arugula and radishes.  A barren landscape is left with some plastic mulch still to be pulled, the cover crop of rye to be seeded and the garlic crop to be planted…..all within the next two weeks.  Time to get farm-fit!  Anyone considering buying a gym membership right now should save their money and come experience our free and exhilarating fitness sessions here at Edgewood. 

In preparation for next year we’ve narrowed down our grant focus.  The NCR-SARE Farmer/Rancher Grant Program is available for sustainable farmers to put their ideas to the test over a two year period.  We want to measure the impact of planting various flower strips and conservation borders on the population of important beneficial insects.  The goal is to create field lay-out systems that increase the population and health of beneficial predatory insects ultimately resulting in a decrease in use of indiscriminate (organic) insecticides. Pyganic, BT and Surround are all sprays that help control beetles and/or worms that attack our produce but the action of spraying is far from natural.  We hope to measure other options that create the same results but enhance important insects rather than potentially harm them.  If anyone has knowledge in the grant biz or ideas on how to map out this experiment, we would be grateful for any help that can be provided.  This is an excellent opportunity with much to be done by the December 8th deadline!

As for the rest of the Edgewood crew, weddings are officially over for the 2016 season and all brides left happy and married, mission accomplished.  Farmer Paul is busy seeding his cover crop of Rye and Winter Wheat and expecting his first born in the beginning of November.  I can only imagine the thoughts going through his mind these days as he goes back and forth, acre by acre, with growing anticipation of fatherly days to come.   My Mom rallied the lil’ Russians on Tuesday after school and they came down to the field as a force to help Keri and I haul loads of compost, bamboo, tomato trellising and plastic.  Joe was driving a full size truck and pulling a trailer, as any eleven year old would be doing.  Timmy was showing off his muscles to Keri by dragging piles of compost far larger than him which actually was quite impressive.  It was nice to have the crew out there and we welcome many hands anytime.

What to expect in the box on October 20, 2016

Napa Cabbage – My first ever harvest of these! 

Brussels – Everyone takes an entire stalk home, they will be in a bin in pick up room.

Peppers – The peppers are continuing on strong…..

Arugula – Fresh, fall greens!  We are eating it with fried eggs for breakfast!

Butternut Winter Squash – Plow Creek FarmTiskilwa, IL

Sage – It was too beautiful to leave out of the box….fry it, dry it or burn it for around a campfire.

*Always wash produce before indulging.

*Please return all boxes by next week.


Brussels Sprouts, Keri’s Style - Trim ends of Brussels, toss in olive oil, salt and pepper and caraway seed, enough olive oil to coat everything.  Roast in oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.  A great snack for eating while cheering for the Cubs!

Butternut Squash and Sage - http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/butternut-squash-and-sage-soup-with-sage-breadcrumbs-241346

Roasted Butternut and Arugula Salad - http://lindawagner.net/blog/2014/10/arugula-roasted-butternut-squash-salad/index.html

Napa Cabbage and Arugula Salad - http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/savoy-cabbage-and-arugula-salad-14981

Eat well CSA comrades!  I hope everyone will end the year feeling satisfied.  Check out this link and fill out the Google form if interested in participating next year!  Please share with local friends and family!



“Grow, inspire, repeat.”


With kindness,

Edgewood Farm Organic